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Skinny No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake


Welcome again to “Heavenly Recipes” the home of meal receipts & list of dishes, Today i will guide you how to make “Orange Chocolate Mousse”. I made this Delicious recipe a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it with my family. It came out very tasty and flavorful. Before post it here i send via Our Pinterest Account the full recipe to some of our great followers to try it and this was their opinions
    Skinny No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake
    8 ounces low fat cream cheese
    1/2 cup pureed pumpkin (135 grams)
    1/4 cup brown sugar (51 grams)
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
    4 ounces reduced fat Cool Whip, thawed
    9-inch reduced-fat graham cracker crust
    In a large bowl, whip cream cheese, pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and brown sugar together until fluffy.
    Add Cool Whip and stir until combined.
    Spoon mixture into pie crust and chill until firm, or about 3 hours.
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