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Cheeseburger Egg Rolls


Welcome again to “Heavenly Recipes” the home of meal receipts & list of dishes, Today i will guide you how to make “Orange Chocolate Mousse”. I made this Delicious recipe a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it with my family. It came out very tasty and flavorful. Before post it here i send via Our Pinterest Account the full recipe to some of our great followers to try it and this was their opinions
    "Desirea" : WOW!! So good! I made them with almost 2lbs of hamburger meat, it made 13 egg rolls. I used 1/4 cup in each as suggested. I added a little extra cheddar, and a few slices of american to give it more of a cheeseburger taste. It also made it a little creamier. The cooking time was too long, I burnt my first batch. Then I followed the directions on the wrap package, the rest came out fine. Oh, and I left out the pickles because hubby doesn't like them. We dipped in fry sauce. (ketchup and mayo) Next time we will be trying mushroom swiss burger egg rolls. :)
    "cindi" : This recipes was actully super yummy. Right after they come out of the deep fryer place on a metal wire rack with papertowels under to make sure all the greece gets drained! I also made the dipping sauce added a tsp of mustard and a drop of worcestershire - perfect! I will make again !
    "shelby" : These were great! I had leftover egg roll wrappers to use up and this was the perfect way without having to make regualr egg rolls again. The only thing I changed is instead of mustard we used ketchup. My hubby doesn't like mustard. I think next time we might try to put bacon in them too.
    "Kristi" : I make these all the time! They are great when my boyfriend has his friends over since they are so easy and are extremely filling!
    "karen" : SO good! i made them into breakfast eggrolls; used cajun andoullie sausage and scrambled eggs with provolone and grilled onions. new favorite sausage dish!
    "Christina" : I added salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. The pickle/relish and mustard was omitted. Very good. Couldn't cook them fast enough.
    Cheeseburger Egg Rolls
    1 lb of ground turkey or beef.
    6 dashes of worcestershire sauce.
    ½ tbsp of salt.
    ½ tsp of onion powder.
    ½ tsp of garlic powder.
    ½ tsp of black pepper.
    6 slices of American cheese.
    12 egg roll wrappers.
    Olive oil.
    Season seeds.
    Over medium high heat, brown the ground meat in a large skillet then season with worcestershire sauce, salt, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper.
    Turn off the heat and start wrapping rolls by laying an egg roll wrapper on a work surface.
    Put half a slice of the American cheese from corner to corner on the wrapper, add on 3 tbsps of ground meat then fold the corners of the wrapper over the meat.
    Next, fold the bottom corner over the already folded sides and start to roll.
    Sill the rolls with water and finish rolling.
    Arrange the rolls on a baking sheet seal side down.
    Brush the rolls with olive oil and sprinkle sesame seeds over the top.
    In a preheated oven to 350°, bake for 15 minutes.
    Bonne Appétit!
    Easy, peasy and delicious! I usually serve these cheeseburger egg rolls with mustard or barbecue sauce and add additional deliciousness!
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